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We are passionate about helping successful executives and entrepreneurs who are committed to living a high performance lifestyle.  We have created a line of premium plant based supplements designed specifically for the needs of high achieving people like you.   

Meet the Founders


Executive Armor

Ladell has spent three decades dedicated to perfecting natural plant based supplement formulas for a healthier lifestyle, longevity and to slow down the body’s aging process. He has appeared on CNN numerous times as a health, fitness and wellness expert and has written for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Better Health section and has been a guest on radio and television programs throughout the country. Ladell works as a trainer for successful executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and professional athletes and has proven through his work that a healthy body gives high performance people an almost unfair competitive advantage in life.


Executive Armor

David is a successful CEO having most recently led the spin-out of YP.com from AT&T creating over a billion dollars of returns to his investors. Having been a cyclist, runner, single digit handicap golfer, polo player and competitive equestrian show jumper alongside his professional career, David believes that health and fitness was a significant contributor to his success in business. After training with Ladell and personally experiencing the health benefits of his supplements, David decided to leave the corporate CEO world and team up with Ladell to create Executive Armor. David is on a mission to help successful people get healthy and perform at their best.

to Create Executive Armor Q & A with David

Why did you start working with Ladell?

“Several of my friends had been working with Ladell and were raving about the positive impact he had made on their health. I asked for an introduction and when Ladell showed up at my house the first time he looked like a pro football player and I was amazed that he was actually over 50 years old.  He truly lives the lifestyle that he teaches and is a role model of proper nutrition, exercise, and supplementation.  While I did not completely understand everything he was telling me at first, he inspired me to trust him and give his formulas a try. He works with serious and successful people and if they believed in him and what he could do, I was ready to believe in him as well.”

How long was it until you starting seeing and feeling results?

“I was relatively fit for a middle aged business person.  But after two weeks of taking Ladell’s supplements and completing his high repetition and functional focused work-out routines, I found myself even leaner and with greater muscle density that I had not experienced since my days as a competitive high school wrestler.  After four months of taking Executive Armor supplements and focused exercise, I had a very low percentage of body fat, eliminated the stubborn “love handles” that I assumed were just a fact of middle age, and felt like an athlete. I am also hitting the golf ball farther and more accurately than ever.”

What were the results you personally experienced?

“Ladell at over 50 has a lot of mass and density but when you see this in one person it could be just a genetic gift.  Most people lose mass and density as they age.  However now that I am experiencing increasing levels of muscle density in my late forties, I am convinced this is not just genetics and can be achieved by anyone. A positive, reinforcing cycle was also created.  The supplements helped me become stronger, leaner, and more energetic.  The extra energy needs to be utilized so I am motivated to work out every day to increase my strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.  And since I am working out with increased intensity and taking Executive Armor supplements, I am motivated to make better food decisions.”

Why did you and Ladell create Executive Armor?

“When I first met Ladell he was custom producing his premium plant based supplements for a select group of high achieving clients. Given my experience creating and running businesses it was a natural partnership to team up and make his formulas broadly available. Ladell and I are on a mission to help successful people create and sustain a lifestyle built around balance, energy, overall body health, and high performance in business and in life.”